Custom Order Kilts

All the kilts shown on our website are stock items that should be ready to ship if you see them as a choice on our website. If you need a custom waist size or length*, we can probably get it made for you as a custom order.

Custom orders can take 2-4 months on average (sometimes longer), a modest surcharge may apply. We can make a custom Thrifty, Economy, Standard/Heavyweight kilt in ANY of the fabric choices you see on our website, pleated to sett or stripe as you prefer (not all tartans work well pleated to the stripe). We can also make any accessories such as plaids, flashes, or sashes. Please note all sales are final on custom items.

We also have access to a few tartans not shown on our website, we currently have available for custom kilts:
  • Yellow MacLeod acrylic
  • Royal Stewart acrylic
  • MacGregor acrylic
  • Red MacTavish acrylic
Plus whatever tartans currently shown on our website. Please note we cannot make kilts from customer-supplied fabric.

*Length may vary +/- 1/2" due to manufacturing variances, same as our stock kilts

If you are interested in a custom kilt, please email us at for a quote. Once we go over the details with you, we will send you an online invoice (Do not order custom kilts thru our regular website). The photos below are some custom kilts we have made: