Wool Heavyweight Kilt: Irish Saffron "Shadow Tartan"

Wool Heavyweight Kilt: Irish Saffron "Shadow Tartan"

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• Improved design
• Made from 6-8 yards* 100% Wool
• Unique "shadow tartan" weave effect
• Bottom edge is traditional selvedge, not hemmed
• Deep first pleat and reversed final pleat
• Pleats are sewn down at the hips
• Three wide leather straps & cast buckles
• Belt/Sporran loops in back
• Double-row offset fringe on front apron edge
• Full-width lining with internal canvas reinforcement
• 24" length, see sizing info page for more info
• Comes with FREE matching sock flashes

Measure waist at navel, do NOT use pants size. See our website for more sizing info
Imported. Accessories in photo not included

*Nominal average yardage- actual yardage varies with waist size and size of tartan pattern.

Please Note: Saffron fabric is especially suspectible to dye lot variances, the color WILL vary from batch to batch. Sometimes it's more orange, sometimes it's more brown. Contact us before ordering if you need accessories such as fly plaids that need to match, you will want to order everything at the same time.

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