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SWK Kilt Hacks: $5 Sporran Upgrade

Posted by Admin on 8/3/2015 to Kilt Hacks
Even the most expensive sporrans usually come with a chain belt that uses average quality chain, with split links that are pressed together. If you are a bigger guy, you may find the chain too short.

An easy upgrade for nearly any sporran is to replace the stock chain with heavier, better-quality, welded-link chain.

Welded-link chain is very kilt-friendly, it glides over kilt fabric.

Where to find nice heavy welded-link chain? Buy a couple of dog choke collars at your local big-box discount store. They are usually a couple of bucks each, get two.

Dog collars are the best sporran chains money can buy. Get the thicker-guage chains, it simply looks better. Due to the welded links of the chain, you will need to cut the chain to length instead of opening a link with pliers, it's fairly straightforward.

Here is a dog-collar sporran chain on a VERY expensive Badger-fur sporran:

Give it a try! It should not cost more than $5 for two. They look like this:

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